Whitetail Deer Hunting in Texas at Hunt F E Hill Ranch

Whitetail Deer Hunting in Texas at Hunt F E Hill Ranch provides the avid deer hunter a great opportunity for a trophy deer. We have very specific and stringent management practices throughout our free ranging low-fence 13,000 acres. We estimate that 80% of our mature whitetail bucks are 140” class or better. WE CURRENTLY HAVE 100% SUCCESS RATE ON 130-140 CLASS DEER OVER THE PAST 3 YEARS.  BEING A LOW FENCE HUNT, 150-160 CLASS ARE A LITTLE MORE ELUSIVE WITH A 60% SUCCESS RATE. These numbers are all based on harvested whitetail deer so when you ask, “What are your chances of tagging a great deerthat all depends on how you shoot under pressure. You will see good mature bucks while whitetail deer hunting at Hunt F E Hill Ranch and to make sure you get the best opportunities for a great whitetail deer hunting experience all of our deer hunting is professionally guided.

How we hunt whitetail deer

All of our Whitetail Deer Hunting is done from tower stands, blinds and spot and stalk. Handicap hunting will be out of pop up blinds and /or mobile hunting UTV’s with a guide.

What to bring on your whitetail deer hunt

Items you may need at Hunt F E Hill Ranch will be warm hunting gear in camo, warm waterproof foot gear, warm gloves, rain gear, good binoculars and gun. Gun rentals are available at a rate of $100 / day and we offer .257 WEATHERBY MAG, .243 REMINGTON and .300 WIN MAG. Bow Hunting is allowed but only from pop tent blinds and with a guide. We currently do not allow tree stand hunting by bow for whitetail deer.

When you Arrive at Hunt FE Hill Ranch

For our 4-night 3-day hunts, we will start with getting you and your gear settled in our lodge. Then you will be able to take advantage of utilizing our archery and rifle ranges to make sure you’re still on target for that moment when the right shot presents itself. After, enjoy a gourmet style dinner and a great nights rest in our Hunting Lodge to prepare for the morning hunt.

Typical Deer Hunting Day at Hunt F E Hill Ranch

5:00 am Wake Up Call
Breakfast – Continental Style
5:45 am Depart for Hunting
6 – 6:30 am Arrive at Stand
10-11:00 am Depart Stand – Back to Camp
11:30-1 pm LUNCH – sandwiches, burger, late breakfast
2-2:30 pm Depart for Evening Hunt
6:00 pm Depart Stand – Back to Camp
7-8:00 pm Dinner Served – Gourmet style Dinner

Deer Hunting Pictures

Whitetail Deer Hunting
Deer Hunting
Deer Hunting in Texas
Texas Deer Hunting
Deer Hunting in Texas
Texas Deer Hunting

Texas Deer Hunting Season Dates

We are Currently Fully Booked for Whitetail Hunts for the 2022 Deer Season

North Texas

2019-2020 MLD3 hunting season Sept 30 2019 – February 28, 2020

Bag Limit: 4 deer, no more than 2 bucks, and no more than 2 antlerless, all seasons combined.

Antlerless Deer: Antlerless deer may be taken by MLD antlerless or LAMPS permits only. On tracts of land for which LAMPS permits have been issued, no LAMPS permit is required for the harvest of antlerless deer during the archery-only or muzzleloader-only open season.

Antler Restrictions: Antler Restrictions do not apply on properties for which Level 2 or Level 3 MLDPs have been issued. For the seasons listed above, a legal buck is a buck deer having at least one unbranched antler, or an inside spread of 13 inches or greater. The inside spread requirement does not apply to any buck that has an unbranched antler. Not more than one buck with an inside spread of 13 inches or greater may be taken.


Archery Only – Sept. 30 – Nov. 3, 2019
Archery Only Either sex. No permit is required to hunt antlerless deer unless MLDP permits have been issued for the property.

General Season

General Season – Nov. 4, 2019 – Jan. 6, 2020

Additional Hunting Information

There will be no Trophy Hunts during the month of October for the 2019-2020 season; only doe, cull bucks and management buck hunts. Trophy Hunts will start in November.

Deer Hunting Pricing

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts are 4-night 3-day all inclusive
Base Hunt $3,500

(1) 130”-139″ class mature buck
(2) Doe

Additional Trophy Rates (added to the Base Hunt)

140”-149″ class mature buck $500
150”-159″ class mature buck $1,000
160”-169″ class mature buck $1,500
170”-179″ class mature buck $2,000

Management Hunt $2,500

(1) Management Whitetail Buck (Mature 130” or less)
(2) Doe

Meat Hunt $1,500

(2) Doe

No additional fees for Skinning, Quartering, Caping, or Ice. As we always try to provide you with the best hunting experience available and your guide will be a big part of that success and experience. A deposit of $1,000 is required to reserve your hunt dates; deposits are nun-refundable, but your deposit can be applied to new a hunt date within same season if necessary.

Taxidermist options are available and your guide will help you with that process.

Ranked as one of the Top Texas Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Destinations in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 by Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection!